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      1. Do you know the Comprehensive use of Synthetic Mica?

        Feb. 19, 2020

        As a Synthetic Mica Factory, share with you.

        After nearly 20 years of research, Synthetic Mica and its products have gradually formed a new industrial category in China, mainly including synthetic mica single wafer, mica powder, synthetic mica ceramics, synthetic mica paper and co-products. In terms of the growth of synthetic mica single crystals, both internal thermal and seed methods have grown a large crystal of synthetic fluorophlogopite, with a maximum area of 506 cm2, which is by far the largest synthetic mica sheet in the world. The structure of synthetic mica is similar to that of natural phlogopite, and the space group is C. Because of synthetic mica does not contain structured water, the use temperature is much higher than that of natural mica, reaching 1100 ° C. It is an excellent high temperature resistant electrical insulation material and the common use is far wider than natural mica. In addition to being used as tube support plates, capacitors, and heat-resistant insulation, some special applications have been found in recent years. Such as high-reliability electronic tubes, long-life water level gauges, knowing the surface of the thermocouple insulation frame, microwave transmission, x-ray, nuclear radiation and other window materials.

        Synthetic Mica

        Synthetic Mica

        The synthetic mica industrial system formed on the basis of internal thermal synthetic mica, in addition to obtaining a small number of single wafers, there are also a large number of broken mica used to produce a wide variety of synthetic mica composite materials. The main products include synthetic mica powder, synthetic mica ceramics, food mica paper and its products, etc.

        Synthetic mica powder: Crushed mica is ground and classified with a fine separator to obtain mica powder of various particle sizes, which is widely used as insulation materials, fire-resistant coatings, and thousands of fire extinguisher powders; paint, rubber, and plastic fillings In recent years, special synthetic mica powders such as pearlescent pigments, mica-enhanced plastics, heat-resistant enamels, metal high-temperature anti-oxidation coatings, ultra-low hydrogen electrodes and high-temperature research welding stop welding has been developed. Synthetic mica ceramics: Using mica powder, a variety of ceramic materials such as phosphate-bound, glass-bound, and fused-cast mica has been produced. It can be formed by hot pressing, injection or casting. Its common characteristics are good high-temperature insulation performance, resistance to rapid cold and heat, wells can be machined by ordinary lathes and tools for turning, grinding, planing, milling, drilling, etc., and accurate dimensions. High finish, widely used in electrical appliances, electric heating, instrumentation, high-energy ion accelerators and ion nitriding furnace insulation parts. Synthetic mica paper and its products: the internal thermal method mica crystal block is hydraulically divided into thin sheets, made of synthetic mica paper through a papermaking process, and then hot-pressed with inorganic binders to form various board and rod products, with a temperature resistance of more than 800oC, It is widely used in electrical appliances, light industry and commercial electric heating equipment; household appliances made of synthetic mica have the advantages of saving energy and long life.

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